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Laser Periodontal Surgery (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure - LANAP)

Laser at Bay Area LANAPMost patients associate pain with traditional periodontal surgery. In order to eliminate this anxiety, Dr. Connie Kais actively seeks innovative techniques that can replace traditional periodontal surgery.

There are many dental laser systems available in the market. After an extensive research, Dr. Connie Kais believes that PERIOLASE laser system with its patented and FDA approved LANAP procedure can provide a much better result than the traditional periodontal surgery.

The advantages of Periolase vs. other laser systems are the following:

You may not know that most laser systems have no study to backup their claim. Periolase is the only laser system which treatment results are confirmed and verified by clinical and histology studies (microscopic examination). Furthermore, on-going comparison studies in several U.S. dental schools have been done to establish long-term results from this system vs. the traditional surgery.

Clinicians are mandated to attend an extensive training course before the equipment is delivered to their offices; and the inventors of this equipment are two dentists. They have treated and documented thousands of patients for the last ten to fifteen years with this system. Patients have received remarkable results.

Laser periodontal therapy (LANAP) requires no cutting and no sewing. To patients this means: less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, less tissue removal, less recovery time.

The advantages of Laser Periodontal Therapy vs. traditional surgery are:

  • No cutting and no sewing;
  • The laser periodontal therapy removes ONLY the disease tissue;
  • Minimal gum shrinkage after surgery results in less root exposure. As a result, teeth do not appear longer;
  • No/minimum sensitivity to cold and hot due to less root exposure.

Radiographic Density at Bay Area Lanap

The Laser Periodontal Therapy procedures (LANAP) are as following:

  1. Perio probe indicates excessive pocket depth.
  2. Laser light (via small fiber optic rod) enters the periodontal pocket and sweeps the pocket. Laser energy kills bacteria and removes disease tissue (epithelium) and leaves the healthy tissue untouched.
  3. Special hand and machine instruments remove the plaque and calculus on the root surface.
  4. Laser light enters the periodontal pocket for the second time to induce blood clot within the pocket and seal the pocket to prevent more bacteria.
  5. Bite trauma is adjusted.
  6. Gums attach to the clean root surface at the pre-surgical level result in minimum post-surgery gum recession. The laser therapy can also induce bone regeneration.

Laser Periodontal Procedure in San Jose, Bay Area Lanap

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